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Track Listing:
1) Breaking And Entering
2) Destroy 
3) The Way I Am

4) Virtual Life


F.E.A.R Our World is the second Ep from Mechanical Audio, it is responcable for how the band sounds today. 

©Mechanical Audio 2016
Writen, performed by Fox

Artwork by Zoe Waterman
Recorded and Mixed by Razor Sharp Sounds

F.E.A.R Our World (Digital)

  • Mechanical Audio can’t accept returns of digital items.

    Files will be .m4a and configured for iTunes. Optional file types are offered on request, these are .MP3 and .WAV.


    ©Mechanical Audio 2019

    Written, performed by Fox

    Artwork by Zoe Waterman

    Recorded and Mixed by Razor Sharp Sounds